Center for Adoption Support and Education

Center for Adoption Support and Education
2015 Annual Report


Dear C.A.S.E. friends,

You’ve done it again! 2015 was truly transformational as supporters and partners like you joined with C.A.S.E. to strengthen the well-being of foster and adoptive families, while increasing the network of adoption-competent professionals who help them thrive. Together we’re meeting the needs of more families and practitioners than ever before— expanding our services in the Washington, DC metro region and across the country.

Strengthen Financial Viability

C.A.S.E. welcomed three new members to our Board of Directors— their collective wisdom and passion have been invaluable. C.A.S.E. welcomed three new members to our Board of Directors— their collective wisdom and passion have been invaluable. Guided by our five-year strategic plan (2014-2019), we continued to strengthen our financial viability and maximize the effectiveness of our staff, allowing us to fulfill our mission and better serve the adoption and foster care communities. With capacity-building support from the Meyer Foundation, C.A.S.E. developed a comprehensive communications, marketing and social media strategy to reach new audiences and attract more donors. We also selected new software to improve our stewardship of donor resources.

Serve Families and Youth

C.A.S.E. CEO Debbie Riley and Board Chair Kiran Dixit at the 2016 Branching Out Gala
In 2015, we continued to expand our clinical services department, increasing the number of counseling sessions delivered by 12.7% and hiring two additional therapists in Virginia and moving to a larger space. C.A.S.E also added an additional night of services in our Bethesda, Maryland office. More than 100 families enjoyed our annual Kids’ Adoption Network (KAN) conference and carnival. C.A.S.E. is committed to ensuring all families receive support, regardless of income. We established two new scholarship funds for clinical services in honor of Barbara Harrison, creator of NBC4's award-winning "Wednesday's Child" featuring foster children in need of adoption, and Madeleine Krebs, C.A.S.E.’s long-time director of clinical services who retired in 2015.

Families who adopt often face unique challenges and need additional support to build a resilient family. With sponsorship from the Jockey Being Family® Foundation, we continued our monthly Strengthening Your Family webinar series reaching nearly 2,600 participants. 6,000 copies of C.A.S.E. educational materials reached families nationally through the Jockey Being Family® Backpack program. In addition, with your outpouring of generosity, C.A.S.E. was able to continue our Live, Learn, Lead (3L) Academy to empower youth transitioning from foster care to independence. Important partners in our efforts included Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, HSC Foundation and the Trawick Foundation.

Enhance Professional Capacity
2015 saw continued national expansion for C.A.S.E. with the first year’s implementation of our five-year, $9 million National Adoption Competency Mental Health Training Initiative (NTI) funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Children’s Bureau. NTI builds the capacity of child welfare and mental health professionals to address the complex mental health needs of children and their families who are moving towards or have achieved permanence through adoption or guardianship to assure their stability and well-being. In partnership with the Children’s Bureau and a network of national adoption experts and organizations, C.A.S.E. fully staffed the initiative and started development of a web-based evidence-informed adoption competency mental health curriculum for child welfare professionals.

C.A.S.E. continued the rapid expansion of our long-standing Training for Adoption Competency (TAC) program, which provides specialized in-person training and clinical coaching for mental health professionals so they can offer more effective services to the foster care and adoption communities. Launched in 2009 and currently funded by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption®, TAC now collaborates in 15 states with public child welfare agencies, private and non-profit organizations and universities. In 2015, we expanded to Georgia and by year’s end, an additional 496 professionals had completed the rigorous TAC program.

Thank you to all of our supporters who help us to fulfill our mission. C.A.S.E. continues to be inspired and has learned so much from our partners and the professionals and families we serve. We are honored that so many families have invited C.A.S.E. on their adoption journey, and increasingly turn to C.A.S.E. for compassion, thought leadership and advocacy. We are incredibly grateful and will continue to do our best as stewards of your trust and resources.

Debbie B. Riley
Debbie B. Riley, LCMFT

Chief Executive Officer

Debbie B. Riley
Kiran Dixit

C.A.S.E. Board of Directors Chairwoman

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